The Amazing Benefits of Water

We take water for granted and disregard its importance for our health, thinking that if we feel thirsty juice, soda or other beverages are enough for our bodies to relieve the need for liquid and function properly.

We couldn’t be more wrong.

Our bodies do not need any liquid, they need water. Pure water as an essential natural remedy for any condition.

Not to say that plant infused water as well as water taken in with the everyday food isn’t helping, but that these don’t count for the 2 liters of water the doctors are recommending for your well-being.

Essential functions of our organisms are performed with the aid of water, like eliminating the waste, regulating the body temperature and promoting brain activity.

These are important aspects of why water is essential for holistic health:

  • Regulating body temperature – dehydration causes the body to lose plasma and electrolytes which, in return, makes your body temperature to rise. Through sweat the body decreases its temperature to normal levels, but if you don’t replenish its water amount, it will heat up again.
  • Water is essential for producing saliva – you need saliva to break down food and maintain the health of your mouth.
  • Water helps your body to eliminate waste products through sweat, urination and defecation – the kidneys need water to function properly and filter the waste; water is needed for a healthy stool and avoiding constipation; the water that’s lost through sweating has to be replenished to maintain your body temperature in balance.
  • The process of digestion uses water to break down solid food – drinking water before and after a meal will ease the digestion.
  • Water aids the absorption of nutrients from the food, as minerals and vitamins – carrying it in the bloodstream that afterwards transports them throughout the body.
  • Water preserves the performance of your body – water is extremely important for strength and endurance.
  • Drinking a proper amount of water is efficient in losing weight – combined with a proper diet and physical exercise, water is also an important factor in the process of losing weight.
  • Water boosts the circulation of oxygen through your bloodstream – the blood circulation is maintained at a healthy level when the intake of water is sufficient.
  • Water boosts your metabolism – an adequate amount of water is essential for producing energy to activate your metabolism.
  • Drinking water helps you avoid migraines – on the contrary, a lot of headaches are caused by an insufficient intake of water.