Review for The Lost Book Of Medicine

what I loved the most is how it teaches not how to heal using the resources from nature that i thought was just all herbal folklore on itself but it also teaches culminating the compassion of the people to each other. It was painful for me to share to you that both of my parents suffered from the current disease – COVD19. They are both senior citizens. Coming from a 3rd world country, we have no means of expensive treatment. I am deeply grateful with the help of our family doctor who was there for us the whole time, and i’m glad i have this book of natural remedies with me. I used the knowledge from this book to make them daily herbal teas. My research showed that the antiviral properties of the herbs presented in the book that is available in our local market such as garlic and onions has been proven to treat all kinds of viral disease before. I ensure to supplement them with zinc and vitc as well. Most of my favorite immunity herbs that helped them were elderberry and lemon balm. It was really important to make them intake the herbs as early as the first sign of symptom. Now my parents are both thriving and gaining their health. thanks to all the frontliners and supporters who aided us. Hard to convince them to take lots of herbs but I am glad my father is now requesting the tea every morning that he hated to drink ever since. It was so crucial that we don’t let this invader viruses to make an empire in our bodies. And the knowledge from this book supports or immunity in a daily basis. I think thats what we all need to learn now that prevention is better than cure. And there is no better armor for prevention than having this book.