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Muse Headband – Meditation Made Easy


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Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband That Makes Your Meditation Easy

  • Stop guessing if you’re doing it right – use real-time feedback to guide you and keep you motivated
  • Research has shown that meditation helps people sleep better, stress less, and focus more


Are you feeling stressed or calm?

How can you shift your stress into peace?

How would you feel if you could take over your brain when you need to?


Let’s imagine for moment you could see your brain’s electric activity. In full range of colors and shapes.

And every time you have strong emotions these formations change dynamically and drastically.

How would you feel if you could change them on demand when you notice a change you don’t desire?


You see, this is called Neurofeedback and it’s not a new science…

It’s a technique that has been used by mental health professionals for more than ten years.

They traditionally used sensors named ElectroEncephaloGram (in baby-proof words: Electric-Head-Graphic)

These sensors can connect through a recording device like a laptop or desktop computer.


That’s how they can see your brain activity and analyze what’s going on inside your brain.

But most of these equipment are out of reach for common people like us..


That’s the amazing benefit Muse can give you!

It’s like a first-class translator device at your disposal that makes you understand your brain activity with real feedback.

You no longer need to pay for every appointment when you want to see your brain activity,

and what’s more important you c