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The Power Of Your Fire From Ayurvedic Perspective

“In Ayurveda, fire represents light, heat, luster, energy, understanding, thoughts, metabolism and the power of transformation”

In the science of Ajurveda fire is the solar element representing the embodied heat and light in the material world. ‘Tejas’, under its Sanskrit name, fire is created from ether and air, where ether is allowing the space for fire to exist while air is promoting its burning, keeping it alive and active.

In essence the highest purpose of each element is to aid the spiritual connection.

Fire is essentially the element of action, of change and choice, of progress and transformation.

Fire determines the will to take control over your own self as well as over life’s events, turning it all into beneficial opportunities.

For this, fire is profoundly connected to the level of vital energy and lust for life.

It is the measure of one’s power of regeneration, of holistic healing.

The element of fire can be distinguished in several areas, manifesting on the emotional, psychological, physical and metaphysical planes, with all of its expressions being interconnected.

By understanding and observing its overall influence, you can inquire your state of health and work towards wellbeing in a holistic manner through balancing this primordial force.

Ayurveda sees fire as represented in five aspects:

  • The digestive fire – necessary for processing food into nutrients and for evicting the waste and toxins;
  • The intellectual fire – the raw force that works with thoughts, ideas, conceptual images such as to understand life, the world and oneself;
  • The fire of perception – which is actually the manner in which we translate reality, from the information captured by our senses and passed on to the rational mind that processes it into a clear personal picture of reality;
  • The vital fire pumping stamina through the body – fueling our beings with the energy needed for daily wellbeing;
  • The fire that brings the divine light into your system, capturing and processing sunlight, purifying and nurturing the brightness within as well as that of your skin.


The fire element must be kept in the proper proportion such as to maintain your whole organism in good shape.

The stages of excess or deficiency unlock an entire chain of conditions with a set of manifestations that are to be tended to as it follows:

  • When fire is in excess, heat is building up inside your body, producing sweat and excessive urination thus a depletion of the water element in the effort of diminishing the level of heat.
  • While a good amount of fire brings brightness in your eyes and skin and sets your mind in a focused state that promotes clarity, its excess can produce red eruptions on the skin, red eyes, tissues get inflamed, while the mind and heart are bound to unbearable intensity.
  • On the contrary, when fire is deficient, your metabolism slows down and all vital processes along – in this case everything happens heavily, from the poor digestion of food to a lower level of processing the information by the brain. If this state is not reverted and you can’t manage to revive the fire within, the entire body gets into a state of stagnation, which is unhealthy.
  • The digestive fire can be ignited by consuming pungent, hot, spicy, sour and salty foods.

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