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Are You Conscious Of The Air You Breathe?

“Your breath can carry consciousness, life, and energy to every part of your body and to every aspect of your psyche”

We live in polluted environments infused with emissions from industry facilities, traffic exhaustion, deodorants and air fresheners with chemical flavors, insecticides and a whole series of other products that we all use unconsciously.

There are cities in the world where it became dangerous to walk outside without wearing a protective mask. We are blaming the big industries but the fact is that we are all contributing to the pollution of this essential element, air.

We hide in interiors and turn on the air conditioners to cool down from the heat outside but we forget that the overwhelming heat and unfriendly environment on our planet is caused by the climate change which is our responsibility.

We also neglect the fact that the inside atmosphere controlled by air conditioners is also filled with pollutants such as biological particles from mold, combustion products, pollen, volatile organic compounds, lead dust, asbestos.

Far from cleaning the air of these toxic substances, the air conditioning systems are only recycling them over and over again.

Air in indoor climate controlled environments contains up to 900 various gaseous chemicals and particles smaller than 2,5 microns, matter that we inhale without realizing it. These particles, when inhaled, go straight to your lungs and then are passed through your bloodstream throughout your body.

 To add up to this alarming situation, the pollutants from the outside air are in your homes as well, because our cities are concrete environments with too little trees or green spaces that could function as natural filters to purify the atmosphere.

Keeping these substances in your organism causes health problems on long term:

  • Asthma manifests as the inflammation of the airways that connect the respiratory system to your lungs – asthma attacks are increased by polluted air;
  • Pet dander, which is made up of microscopic bits of skin from animals is a major cause of allergies;
  • Dust mites, living in your pillows and clothes get circulated through ventilation that lacks an air purifier;
  • Contagious diseases are circulated through the air conditioning system in a big office increasing the risk of inflicting everybody inside from just one sick person.
  • Learning disabilities have been studied to increase in children that are subjected to polluted interior environments;
  • Cardiovascular diseases are also aggravated by polluted air.

How to cope with pollution:

  • Get this air purifier from Amazon for your home;
  • Decorate your house with air purifying plants – there are a lot of plants that can help you clean up your household as well as your office: devil’s ivy, dwarf date palm, peace lily, philodendron, spider plant, chrysanthemum, rubber plant, fern, areca palm, pineapple plant, dracaena, ficus, snake plant, aloe vera, english ivy, lady palm;
  • Stop using sprays;
  • Use natural insecticides like essential oils of Melissa officinalis, Verbena officinalis, Origanum officinalis;
  • Take regular trips outside of the city.

Have you been aware of the air you breathe?

What strategies can you employ that I didn’t mention in this guide?

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