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You Are What You Eat

Here’s How Angela Got Dumped And Drastically Changed Her Life!

The human society is evolving towards an artificial lifestyle with an enormous speed.

We’ve made huge leaps in the development of scientific practices, but our belief in the power of today’s medicine to cure and safeguard us from diseases, is merely an illusion.

Moreover, the epidemic of severe life threatening conditions such as cancer, is an obvious proof that the type of denial attitude is getting us faster than ever into the graveyard, and that for our survival we have to turn to a more holistic approach to life.

Your well-being depends almost exclusively on what you consume:

  • Eat organic food – this is not only a marketing trend but a fact that drastically influences your health. Buy groceries and fruits from organic farmers and support this type of practices through any means. You can even grow your own vegetables, or at least the medicinal herbs that you use as in teas or as spices in your food.
  • Food is medicine – be aware that a coherent nutrition is much more efficient in illnesses and prevention than any medicine that you can buy from pharmacies. Healthy food determines your holistic health.
  • Food that has been treated with chemicals is dangerous for your health. The vegetables and fruits that have been sprayed or infused with preservatives or chemicals that protect them from parasites are a source of imbalance. In this category we also fit the genetically modified crops and those that have been injected with growth hormones. The harm that they produce in our organisms is beyond imagination and it is only beginning to show its effects as this type of practice is only a couple of generations old.

Our society is addicted to substances that become toxic when consumed in the quantities that we are used to today:

  • Alcohol and coffee are proven medicine but in infinitesimal amounts – we’re only talking about natural homemade wines and spirits, as well as pure unrefined coffee and cocoa in very small amounts.
  • Sugar is also good for your health, but only a teaspoon a week – this quantity you can find in an extremely small piece of chocolate or only a sip of flavored soda.
  • Canned beverages and food that contain artificial flavors, preservatives and sweeteners are definitely not good for your health.

Check out the labels of the products you buy:

  • You may be thinking you are buying some healthy fruit juice, but if the label enumerates a list of chemicals, like flavors, colors, preservatives, it wouldn’t be too healthy after all.
  • You may be thinking that sugar-free products are healthy, but the truth is they are even more toxic than sugar-added products
  • Artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, saccharine, neotame, advantame, and acesulfame potassium-k are very dangerous as studies have shown that the digestive bacteria in the stomach become toxic when exposed to extremely small amounts of these substances.

Consider going vegan for your own health.

  • The days of hunter-gatherers are gone, we don’t need animal protein anymore as we’re now sitting in offices not running around in the forests:
  • Meat is a burden for your digestive system, it consumes too much of your energy to be processed.
  • There are many vegetables and legumes that contain a higher percentage of proteins than meat, as lentils, beans, peas and so on.
  • The meat that you eat nowadays comes from animals that have been medicated with pharmaceuticals that are bad for your health and fed with food containing chemicals that are also a danger for your well-being.
  • The animals that you consume as a carnist are treated with cruelty and enslaved their entire lives – their energy of fear, suppression, frustration is finally passed on to you by eating them and influences your spiritual health.
  • The industry of farming animals and processing meat is consuming a huge amount of resources, from crops and water that are anyway depleting and insufficient.

What do you think about the things -or beings- you eat?

Are you going to start taking it seriously?

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