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Mindfulness Meditation Keeps Your Life In Flow State

“he ideal conditions for flow arise when both challenges and skills are high and equal to each other”

The air element defines the realm of the thoughts, the mental dimension. The rational mind is used to perceiving reality through patterns that have been embedded over time, patterns which we are not used to question or willingly transform.

For most of us, our mind is quite an entity of its own, functioning by rules that were not created by us, but mostly adopted unconsciously. It is rarely that we get to challenge our system of perception and when it happens it is often life that puts us in the situation of doing this, not our voluntary decision.

For this, mind is almost like an untamed animal.


Thoughts usually run wildly through the mind, popping in out of nowhere, governed by habit and the common way of evaluating reality.

If you listen to your mind, you will notice that it is almost never quite, moreover, for most of us it comes difficult to concentrate on a single thought or activity for more than a few seconds.

This is an effect of the ever increasing rhythm of society, as it is mandatory nowadays to maintain a high level of efficiency in whatever you do. It all comes down to a vicious cycle, as this type of pressure creates stressful thoughts, which in return, make it very difficult to be efficient.

We’re all invaded by worries, frustration, over-analyzing, paranoia, and other loops of negative thoughts that create disturbing emotions.

These sensations translate in harmful vibrations that are sent throughout our bodies, interfering with the functioning of our organisms. As a consequence, our immune system is weakened, and thus the response of the organs and tissues to illness becomes vulnerable.

You could thus say that the efforts to sustain an efficient lifestyle, are causing inefficiency in terms of overall health.


Mindfulness therapy is used for depression, anxiety, ADHD, chronic pain, sleep disorders, anger, fatigue, high-blood pressure. A lot of people in show biz, high planes of corporate business, or other fields of work with rising stress levels, are practicing mindful exercises to cope with everyday life.

Mindfulness practices are in essence meditation techniques that improve your efficiency and the quality of your life.

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The effects of this practice are extremely beneficial for your health:

  • Mindfulness is a holistic way of perceiving life within yourself and reality overall – it is all about a non-discriminative perspective in which you let all thoughts and emotions exist, and by this you liberate your mind and heart of blockages.
  • Our natural tendency is to stop stressful thoughts and disturbing emotions, but this is only making them come back more forcefully – the mindful strategy is to accept them within ourselves without identifying our persona with them, and thus we avoid getting attached to such negative vibrations. The effect is of clarity and completeness, because you get to embrace the whole of your being.
  • By adopting a non-discriminative outlook on yourself and reality, your heart is reinforced because you develop compassion towards yourself as well as towards the others.

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