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Practice Grounding Whenever Life Sweeps Your Feet

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

The human society is living more and more in a virtual dimension, more online than offline, up in skyscrapers, isolated in enclosed interiors with air conditioning and artificial lights.

Thus, the human being is becoming detached from its natural sources of energy. We don’t bathe in the sun anymore but run away from its rays and protect ourselves with clothes, glasses and cremes.

We hide from the blows of wind and from the outside temperatures, from everything that means raw environment with rain, humidity and all other constant transformations of Earth’s climate.

We have been pampering and secluding ourselves from intense stimuli for so long that now it seems like an adventure to take a walk in a summer rain or take our shoes off to feel the earth with our sores.

Moreover, we’ve evolved into beings that live almost entirely in the mental dimension, denying the importance of the emotional realm and therefore suffering the consequences as outbursts of repressed sentiments.

We got used to knowing what the weather is by searching on the internet instead of making a few steps to feel it on our own skin.

Same way, we connect to our friends by contacting them online instead of going out to have a direct conversation.

This type of attitude is depleting our forces, as we can only truly charge from our source mother, which is the planet we live in, as well as the cosmic blows of energy travelling the universe and sending beams throughout our environment.

Reality is filled with creative energy you can tap into to recharge your batteries, regenerate your system and get inspiration, you just have to be mindful. Mindfulness is not a state of bliss where you’re detached and submerged in an epiphany.

It can be so, but most of the times, mindfulness is just a state of being present and completely aware of your thoughts, your emotions, your surroundings. In other words, this is what centering, grounding means.

But what are the benefits of grounding?

  • Recharging your stamina;
  • Releasing stressful thoughts and emotions into the ground and freeing yourself of their burden;
  • Filling your being with the active energy of the Earth, with lust for life, with love;
  • Healing your soul;
  • Feeling connected with Mother Earth is like being at home, embraced as you are by everything there is;
  • On a physical level, grounding improves blood circulation and boosts your immune system;

5 Easy Techniques For Grounding:

  1. Walking barefoot in the grass, on the soil, is an excellent way of centering yourself and channeling the healing energy of the earth element, as it stimulates the numerous; nervous centers on your sores and establishes a direct connection with the source
  2. When you feel ungrounded, simply place one hand over the crown of your head;
  3. Breathe consciously, deeply and trying to maintain a steady rhythm;
  4. Practice meditation and mindfulness exercises to balance your inner life;
  5. Whenever you feel floating, detached, torn apart by conflicting thoughts, take a cold shower, it will ground you instantly.

What has your experience been like when using grounding to relieve your stress and reconnect yourself?

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