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The Ayurvedic Teachings To Pacify Your Ether Element

“Ether is without the firmness of earth, the coolness of water, the heat of fire or even the movement of wind. It is therefore the very essence of ’emptiness’. The space element is the most subtle of all elements”

The Ayurvedic science of medicine and philosophy of life, is based upon the five primordial elements, considered as basic principles guiding the understanding of existence on a micro and macrocosmic level.

These principles, described by water, fire, earth, air and ether are also studied as major principles of medicine, whereof one’s health depends upon the balance of the elements.


Ether, ‘akasha’ in Sanskrit is the most subtle of the series of elements, the space in which all of them reside.

Ether is described as emptiness and ‘shabda’, sound in its original unmanifested form. Thus ether is the space from which vibrations are created.

The mind is viewed as filled with ether, and in this perspective, thoughts are emerging from this substance and creating vibrations in it, similar to the way a boat creates waves in the lake.

A still mind, like that of a monk in meditation, would be the expression of the essence of ether.

We can get a clearer image of ether if we look at its characteristics:

  • Coldness – lacking the warmth of fire
  • Lightness, lacking the weight of earth and water
  • Immobility – lacking the dynamism of air
  • Ether is the substance from which all others derive, being thus a part of all the other four elements
  • Ether is without form of boundaries, and thus, it can be considered infinite


Being the essence of sound, ether’s corresponding body part is the ear. Therefore, the difficulty in hearing, or speaking, is reflecting a vitiation of the element of ether within one’s being.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, the imbalance of ether can manifest in a series of conditions in the physical body:

  • In a simple explanation, the vitiation of ether means the increase of space and the decrease of structure, affecting the tissues – as an example, Parkinson disease is a condition resulting from the imbalance of ether, a disease that presents the destruction of cellular structure because of the expanse of space.
  • The pancreatic diseases are also an effect of the vitiation of ether, where the islet cells are destroyed by the growth of space


How to balance ether:

  • If we see ether as emptiness, then the re-balance of this element would translate in filling up the gaps in our lives, filling the empty aspects of our existence with nourishing emotions, activities, thoughts.
  • Open yourself towards love and ether will be pacified on an emotional level.
  • Eat heavy, moist and tasty foods to satisfy your appetite and you will bring balance to the physical plane.
  • Consume bitter substances – the bitter taste is related to ether and as such, eating or drinking bitter products will nourish the ether element within your body.

When men discovered fire, the entire human kind stepped into a new evolutionary stage, such a huge shift that it transformed social life altogether. Fire marked the passing from the tribal hunter-gatherer lifestyle to the more refined blueprint of the agrarian society.

A whole new set of tools made existence a lot easier, but more than this it established man as the most evolved among all beings living on this planet. The humans became the master of the domain, the king that all animals feared for having the fire as equivalent with having the powers of a god.

What has your experience been like when experimenting with Ether to keep yourself together?

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