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Here’s Why You Need To Drink Pure Water

“Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.”

Water is not only the substance that defines life, a primordial element contained by virtually any living organism, stocked in all matter, vaporized in air, it is also present in distant corners of the universe, even though in infinitesimal quantities.

The molecules of water constantly interact with one another and by this, they exchange information.

The quality of the information that is transmitted through water is defined by vibration, and each vibration produces a certain type of molecular structure in water.

A clear, pure vibration transforms the blueprint of the water molecule designing it into a perfect crystal structure, while, on the contrary, a toxic vibration disturbs this beautiful arrangement turning it messy and chaotic.

We can, thus, say, that if we study under the microscope a molecule of polluted water we’ll discover that it looks dramatically different from the molecule of pure water taken from a mountain spring.

Not to say that, plant infused water as well as water taken in with the everyday food, isn’t helping, but that these don’t count for the 2l of water the doctors are recommending for your well-being.

Essential functions of our organisms are performed with the aid of water, like eliminating the waste, regulating the body temperature and promoting brain activity.

We can, thus, say, that if we study under the microscope a molecule of polluted water we’ll discover that it looks dramatically different from the molecule of pure water taken from a mountain spring.

Water is alive and in a continuous transformation.

This is not only because in natural realms, water is full of microorganisms, but mostly because it is so responsive to the vibration of life.

The fresh water of rivers and springs is enriched with minerals that help maintain a healthy balance in the bodies of all living creatures consuming it.

On the other hand, the water that you buy in plastic bottles is lacking all these necessary nutrients, and most of all, it is not infused with the pure vibration of nature.

We cannot call it dead water, because it can be revived by the power of thought, but it is for sure depleted.

So, whenever you get the chance to stumble on a spring, be sure to fill up a few bottles and treasure that water as a highly potent medicine.

From the experimental work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, we learn that water is responding to the emotions that we invest in it.

This fact is explained scientifically by its property of being openly influenced by vibrations.

In other words, a glass of water that’s been invested with love will display a molecular structure resembling that of the pure spring water, while fear, hate and other negative thoughts and emotions will turn the blueprint into something similar to the polluted water coming out as waste from industrial enterprises.

So how can we aid the world with the help of water?

  • Promoting clean water, keeping garbage, plastic and all types of artificially processed chemicals out of the natural sources of water – is what we can do on a practical level.
  • As all pollutants get deposited in-between the water molecules and are circulated through the air we breathe, the water we drink and bathe, the food we eat – restricting our use of polluting substances is a most necessary measure of preserving our holistic health as well as that of the planet.
  • In this line of thought, it became mandatory that we should all use natural soaps and detergents and don’t throw cooked oil into sewerage.
  • Water is a direct channel through which information travels throughout the world and even beyond our planet, influencing the state of matter, affecting or reinvigorating the state of being of all living creatures -thus we have to concentrate on transmitting pure vibrations, clear thoughts and intentions, loving emotions that have the power to create a collective spiritual awakening.

>> [Video] How is water really transmitting our feelings?

With this in mind, have you started noticing how water affects your life and emotions?


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