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Our Planet Needs Our Collective Awareness

“Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste”

Most naturally, we relate the element of earth to our planet. It’s not for nothing that it is actually called the ‘blue planet’ for it is covered in sweet waters of lakes and rivers, and salty waters of seas and oceans, but thanks to this abundance, our beloved Earth is, in fact, green.

Its resources have been depleted drastically over the last few centuries, through deforestation, violent mining processes that cut off entire mountains and left huge basins of chemical waste on the surface, as well as through the massive shift in environmental health and climate change due to pollution.

We lack a proper environmental consciousness.

We get caught in mundane issues and tend to ignore the bigger problems of the world considering we are too small to make a change, so we concentrate on the personal context ignoring the fact that we are part of this whole.

We deny it, but the truth is that when Mother Earth is hurt, we are hurt as well. If we pollute our food, than we ourselves become polluted and ill.

There is a spiritual connection besides that keeps us all in a state of holistic health, and when this connection is interrupted we all decay.

It is a fact that the fish in the ocean have plastic inside of them and this is an obvious proof we’re poisoning our food, as it is well known for everybody by now that we’re not only slavering and torturing other species of beings cohabitating this Earth along with us.

The internet is flooding with pictures of animals trapped in plastic bags and suffocated by bits of this non-recyclable material.

We’re only seeing a glimpse of the overall toxicity of plastic, whereof the real effects will only be visible for future generations that will be calling our times ‘the era of plastic’.

By then our planet will no longer be covered in pure water expanses and luxurious green vegetation, but most likely in concrete and plastics.

We are used to think that we can’t stop the great machinery of consumerism, but we, as consumers have the choice and the power is in our decisions:

  • Choose to use fuel-based transportation only when necessary – electric cars will soon become accessible as price, but in the meanwhile we can use other electric vehicles on short distances, like bicycles and electric tripods, not to mention walking is by far the best alternative to activate our sedentary lifestyles. We can also choose car sharing.
  • Choose to use reusable textile bags for your shopping, and also buy groceries and products that don’t come packed each in its own plastic wrap – this is also the manner of selecting vegetables and fruits coming from an organic source.
  • Carry with you your own bottle for water that you can constantly refill – this way you have control over the quality of the water you drink and the chance to use a much more friendly material like glass.
  • Get used to carrying with you a fork, a spoon and a reusable bamboo straw – you will be using your clean utensils whenever you need them.
  • You don’t need new clothes every new season, instead think of recycling and repairing your old ones – you are fabulous when you are true to yourself and to your beliefs. If you do need to buy, then buy clothes that you know you would love your grand-daughter to wear, from natural fibres, resistant and timeless models. Also, make a habit out of exchanging clothes with friends – this way you will all have new clothes all the time.
  • As a general rule, choose reusable and natural materials as much as you can.
  • Recycle – separate your garbage and be sure to send it to recycling companies. You can also make compost and your plants would be grateful.

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