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The Element Connecting Everything In The Universe

“Everything in the Universe, throughout all its kingdoms, is conscious – endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception.”

Contrary to the other four elements that have an obvious manifestation in reality, ether or aether, is rather mysterious.

The concept of ether is more metaphysical than related to a physical substance like the others. It cannot be found in any form in material reality, not solid, nor liquid, nor gas.

It’s been theorized since antiquity, Greeks considered ether as defining the dimension higher than the Earth plane, and since then it’s been integrated in the science of alchemy as the element of the spiritual realm.


At one point alchemists considered they found this essence, ether, by distilling alcohol 7 times.

The pursuit was to extract this substance as they thought it was a powerful medicine and potentially a universal panacea. But, even though the chemical compound called ether is resembling in many ways what scientists of all times have described from visions and theoretical investigations, their presumptions go much further than the materiality of the highly strong alcohol.

To catch a glimpse of their fantastic hypothesis, we can look at Einstein’s theory, who believed ether was the matter that occupied the space in between molecules, the space between all matter, be it solid, liquid or gaseous.

Alchemists considered this elusive element, the quintessence of all the others, the source from which the other four elements were created.

Try to imagine that everything in reality is but a puzzle of molecules, and in this view, ether is the glue keeping the molecules together.

Considering its spiritual nature, ether can be thought of as the divine substance embracing everything there is.

The symbolic meaning of ether:

  • The alchemical symbol of ether is the spiral of life – this symbol is to be found in all cultures around the globe, suggesting the constant rebirth, reemergence of life, continuous transformation as rule of thumb for everything in existence, and the cycle of life as a pattern of evolution, always passing through same definite stages yet in ever higher planes.
  • The spiral is an omnipresent pattern of life to be found everywhere in earthly forms as well as in the universe – spirals are present in forms of vegetation, the vortexes in the sea, snails and cyclones, black holes and galaxies. Our Milky Way galaxy is in the form of a spiral.
  • The alchemical quest of finding the material form of ether, which resembles the search of the Holy Grail, was supposed to obtain a substance that would ensure eternal life.

Ether has developed such a fascination for millennia because it was always seen as making the connection between the material and the spiritual plane.

Here’s how you can work with ether:

  • Contemplate upon this element as constituting your body, see it as the substance uniting all your cells. Identify it as a divine substance that is embracing your material body, infusing it with cosmic energy, connecting you with the substance of God, with the primordial source of the universe. This action will make you feel your own divine nature.
  • As you do this, imagine that it is the same element to be found in all life forms, in all the rest of matter. This element is actually what makes the connection between you and all there is. Through ether, you are one with all else.
  • Imagine that the divine light, the refreshing cosmic energy is penetrating your body through the element of ether and purifying your being.

With this in mind, have you started feeling the ether around you?

What are the ways you stay productive when mastering ether?

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